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A Little Note from Us to You

Posted on3 Year ago
A Little Note  from Us to You

Hello Beloved Mitch & Marc Lovers,

This year marks 38 years of establishment of Mitch & Marc.

We are taking this chance to thank you, our beloved loyal customers for your continual support.

We would not have achieved 38 years of style and independence without the support of you our beloved customers! 

Mitch & Marc has long maintained visibility among jetsetters globally being listed continually on leading airlines such as Singapore Airlines we continually seek to bring you products of the highest quality and quality craftsmanship.

We source for specific materials from all around the world and our mastercraftsmen spend intensive hours to intricately piece our products fine stitch by fine stitch.

We hope to bring you more quality and engaging content even as we go along!

We source for materials of the highest quality from around the world to create the pure elegance and timeless class of Mitch & Marc products. Together with our designers, our master craftsmen work on creating refined elegance to last the ages, right down to the intricate handstitches and leather crafting.

Check out our Facebook page here and our instagram here for promotions and exclusive offers today!

We intend to continue looking to bring in designs of every season as we continue to build our brand presence around the globe.

Here is to many more years together of timeless style. Style yourself today with us at Mitch & Marc!

Much Love,

From the Editor’s Desk,

Mitch & Marc Team

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