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Fashion Styling Guide for Watches

Posted on3 Year ago
Fashion Styling Guide for Watches

How to style your outfit with your watches?

Always wanted to style your watches with your outfits but it never seem to really match? 

Have you checked out our range of Mitch & Marc watches?

Here today we will offer some tips to help you pair your watches with your day-to-day outfits.

Find a watch that you will use for just about any outfit.

So let’s get started on how to style your outfits to match your watches!

So what are the few factors that you would need to consider when purchasing a watch?

1. Watch Material and Texture

2. Watch “Weightiness” in Aesthetics

3. Watch Face Diameter

4. Watch Colour & Watch Straps Colour

5. Watch Design Style

Let’s look at some examples.

First up, we have the the typical kind of metallic or stainless steel watches with a relatively large-diametered watch face.  Usually water resistant and highly durable, such watches are made for heavy duty usage. 

Daily wear over the years will eventually wear out a normal watch. However these metallic stainless steel ones are power workhorses, which is one of the reasons why people are willing to save up to get one of these, and also thus the “rugged” exterior.

It’s body is heavy and it usually seen to be worn on a matured crowd of older men for a more heavy weight “influential” look.

How would you know if the watch is suitable for you?

Well for one you would need to see what kind of “look” you are going for. 

A lean and sleek body figure would be an overkill should the watch face diameter be too large, not to mention “heavy” looking. 

People usually pair these watches with tuxedoes or even for formal/business wear.

It would be good to try out a few different watch sizes before you deciding on one that suits your frame and style.

The usual ones are oval or round in shape. 

If you are going for the crème de la crème in design, Mitch & Marc carries these and more unique and unconventional designs. 

Check out our Quentin Black and Living Stone Blue Below.


Our Quentin Black Watch retails at SGD $488.00 here.

Living Stone (Blue) Retailing at SGD $318.00 here . Also comes in Black.

Minimalistic watches with leather straps are usually either digital or analogue watches, perfect for the casual weekend outfit outfit . Basically, they will go with any outfit and bring out a classic and timeless feel-due to the neutral coloured tones of the leather. The leather usually comes in in brown/ black/ beige or white. 

You can never go wrong with it. Watch out though, as extensive use can easily cause wear and tear.

If the leather is not properly treated, it will cost you more time and expanses to change the leather straps repeatedly.

Our Leather Straps at Mitch & Marc are intricately cured and made for durability, weather-proof and is long lasting.

Hampton Double Tourbulon (below) is a piece with more feminine styled infused into the design amidst the rose gold coloured metallic exterior. Swarovski crystals are embedded in its mesmerising clockwork. For ladies this is the petite version of the metallic and stainless steel watches with a combination of minimal leather straps. A perfect and classic piece to match for every occasion both formal and casual! Retailing at SGD $518.00 here.

Our Calatrava Automatic in Gold is retailing at $488.00 here with a heavier frame with brown textured leather. Designed for formal wear and formal occasion for both ladies and gentlemen.

More “serious” styles that you can consider could be our Reuben MM3 (Retailing at $398.00 here ).

This watch was inspired and designed for the closeted nautical adventurer in you. An example of unique watch style with an uncommon design.

Our Tourbil Matic Reserve XL (Retailing at SGD $398.00 here) below is a hot seller workhorse. The watch is paired with genuine leather straps. In this case it combines elements of a serious monochromatic “day to day” design and classic leather to give you a classic timepiece-it never go wrong with any outfit in any professional working environment. It even comes with a power reserve to measure the power left in your automatic (charging) watch.

Once in a blue moon will you chance upon something more unique which stands out. Like our Diamond Lady Crystal Watch retailing at SGD $688. Elegantly designed by Mitch & Marc, this watch is embellished with striking genuine Swarovski Crystals. An added feature of this glamorous unique watch is designed with a rotating wheel. The rhodium strap is fitted with multiple Swarovski crystals, and the watch comes with a Swiss Quartz Movement and stainless steel back. Need we mention it is also an automatic re-charging watch. 

The whole design has “glamour” written all over it. And though extremely sparkly as it is. A plain or simple dress or an outfit with solid colours (i.e a fully black dress, a chiffon top and plain culottes) will actually go very well with each other.

Contrary to popular beliefs, such pieces actually go best with plain pieces where their glamour does not clash or the outfit gets too loud to get a good focus.

Lady Diamond Swarovski Crystal Watch retailing at SGD $688.00 here.

These watches are extremely rare to find, which is why The Lady Diamond Swarovski Crystal Watch is such a good steal! A must have for watch collectors who love unique designs and want to stand out from the crowd!

Stuck with two or more colour choices? Well it firstly depends on your colour preferences. Black, White, Silver or Grey are more neutral toned colours that are able to go with just about any outfit. 

Get unique coloured watches only if you would want to stand out and have something different. If you are looking at more outstanding colours like pink or yellows or anything that falls within primary and secondary colours (mainly red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple ), pairing usually depends on the outfit colour. Picking a complementary colour will help match it. Read more about the colour theory here on how to match colours

Paterson Black Timepiece & Paterson Purple Timepiece retailing at SGD $380.00 each here.

Sport watches or sporty looking watches are great for the active and rugged user who wants their watches all year long. Usually water resistant and comes with monochromatic rubber watch bands. It’s the perfect watch for sport lovers or people leading an active lifestyle. 

Such watches are usually made to weather out storms or even drops, scrapes, scratches and the sweat from your wrists. The rubber straps are firstly waterproof and will not smell or crease like their leather counter part. They are also easily changeable even when spoilt. 

A strap in monochromatic colours (in which most sport watches usually come in) is often able to be matched with just about any outfit. We wouldn’t recommend it for a “professional” office look though as this watch is meant for people with an active lifestyle. Great for casual outings too and for “roughing it out”.

We wouldn’t know a better watch to recommend you than our Chrono Watch with exchangeable strap which retails at SGD $228.00 hereIt even comes with two additional pair of straps in orange and black to change into to match your outfit choice!

Our Zest Square Watch here retailing at SGD $218.00 is another more edged option to consider.

Now in the age of digital clocks it may seem like tech-savvy watches with digital watches are the in thing.

But nothing beats good’ole analogue when it come to battery conservation. Of course there will always be new options and updates in technology. But at the end of the day, style is timeless and so is the skill of learning to match your outfit well together. So here is us at Mitch & Marc bringing you the different styles and know-hows to match your outfit with your selected watches.

Wishing you a great day a head. Ideas in this article are not exhaustive, feel free to write in to us at if you have more ideas! 
May this article inspire you continue on with your quest to find the style you long to pull off!

Don’t forget to check out our range of watches here

We have free house delivery to any orders in Singapore! Or you can also head down to our showroom at Mitch & Marc in Takashimaya Singapore to get a physical feel of the watches personally.

See you there!


The Mitch & Marc Team

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