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[ Complete Profiles ] What is Your Leather Personality Style?

Posted on3 Year ago
[ Complete Profiles ] What is Your Leather Personality Style?

This is a complete profile of your leather style personality. If you have not done your leather personality profiling, you can take our profiling interactive quiz here .


You’re the sweet one. Where there is some one in need you will be there in a second. You are a good friend to others but on the contrary you constantly keep your troubles to yourself. Often very shy and you take a while to open up. You are neat and you love organization and light coloured and petite items that has feminity flowing off all over it.

Our Muted Beige-Pink and Sweet Grey range would be perfect for a sweetheart like you, one that carries a good mix of accessories and daily consumables. 

Rosemund Allegro Miniature Carry-On  (Muted Beige-Pink & Sweet Grey) retailing at SGD $88 here is a portable and lightweight organizer to hold your accessories on the go. You can store your travel size make-up and accessories in here.

Magdalene Leather Box (Muted Beige-Pink & Sweet Grey) at SGD $168 here. To pair your muted beige-pink & sweet grey set on you dressing table. Highly versatile to store your accessories, earring and open compartments.


Golden-Zip Anastasia Pouch (Muted Beige- Pink & Sweet Grey) Retailing at SGD $98 perfect for your organisational needs here. It is another option to the Rosemund Allegro Miniature Carry-On to have easy organization and portable storage of your accessories and make up. It even comes with a watch padded compartment and can be used as a portable clutch.

Quilted Beauty & Jewellry Organizer (Classic Black) [IHS] with its set of Intelligent Hinge System Retailing at SGD $198 here.  Its genuine quilted leather in black is a classic piece that would match any Sweet-Lyfe-Sweetie. Add in a white faux fur pompom and it's the perfect combination to carry for any sweetie!

The Fairy Tale Prince

You love being light and hearty and you always dress to impress. A very good negotiator for your ‘Kingdom’, a definite value to any organization. 

Dark Navy and Royal colours are your favourite. Sometimes you carry light colours for a flamboyant flair to stand out from the crowd. You are courteous and you have smooth speech, a charismatic people pleaser, gentle yet the unassuming one that actually wields charming prowess to keep people continually content.

Your favourite leather styles would be dark yet sometimes mixed with versatile light colours to keep the charming image and colour combination for the confident charisma that you constantly carry.

Some of your favourites would include:

Travel Jewellry Box [Intelligent Hinge System] at SGD $198 here is the perfect on-the-go organizer for the flamboyant prince to store his luxury watches and bespoke cufflinks. I mean, public image is so important to you, if you're going to style yourself, why not organise it in style right?

Deep Clarity Cufflink Holder-Light Tiffany Blue retailing at SGD $148 here specific for the prince with a penchant for collecting cuff-links.

Caspian Jewellry Vanity Chest-Navy retailing at SGD $218 here is the perfect dressing table companion to store your royal treasuries in the luxury it deserves.  

Pragmatism Organizer-Royal Red at SGD $98 here because your royal bloodlines still runs through you, no matter how flamboyant, you still carry your dignified sense of royalty.

The Time Traveller

You love leather because leather is probably one of the most timeless commodities. Classic designs are your to go because they last through the ages, not to mention about the practicality of their waterproof functionality. Always prepared to weather all weather!

Your favourite way to go is usually minimalism with timeless designs.

Some of your favourites would include:

John Mark Classic Cufflink Holder-Brown at SGD $88 here, straightforward, simple, classic and practical. Spells timeless design all over.

Pragmatism Organizer-Brown at SGD $98 here. What would be more practical than the pragmatism organiser to organize a variety of your items. Not just jewellery or luxury watches but also suitable for organising your study desks or even dressing table with make-up, perfumes/colognes.


Vintage Leather Organizer-Noir at SGD $138 here. You can never go wrong with textured black leather. It will always be in style. Classic organisers that lasts the ages are a rare treasure these days.

The Queen

A natural leader with taste for the finer things in life.

Oh yes, high quality and craftsmanship is important to you. 

You don’t lower your standards for any thing and you are often adamant about that- a leadership that is evident.

You love items especially with intricate details and you will make sure your craftsmanship is nothing short of exquisite.

You will make sure all things are being done under your jurisdiction up till perfection.

Lined with seamless perfection. 

Royalty, exquisite and classical designs, they will never go out of value because of the class you carry and the air you maintain.

You love designs such as the quilted leather ranges that takes hours of dexterous craftsmanship. The colours that such design carry are usually rare. Their craftsmanship mesmerises you.

Royals love designs such as:

Pragmatism Organizer-Royal Red retailing at SGD $98 here , yes you are royalty, it's always in your bloodline. Royal Red is both rare and aesthetically pleasing, a colour that is neither too frivolous nor too serious-apprropirate for royalty. Nothing can change that. It sets you apart from the rest.

Persian Treasury Safe Chest ( Furniture ) retailing at SGD $680 here. Store all your bespoke luxury jewel pieces with our persian treasury safe chest. Comes with a number combination lock and exclusive storage and display compartments. We even have a padded compartment for necklace display! When it comes to quality, money is not an issue for you and you would rather prefer exclusive designs. The best place to store your extensive range of royal treasury!

New York Crimson Accessories Carrier retailing at SGD $218 here , your travel size royal organiser in red! Exquisite craftsmanship with a unique design. Quality and style, classic with a modern twist. One design the queen would love.

Timepiece Collector's Padded Box Set-Alpine Green (8-Watch Set) retailing at SGD $198 here is your bespoke leather in dye with our specially formulated alpine green crafted from our master craftsman in time and dedication with exquisite craftsmanship! Your standard and taste never lowers, this is something you are adamant about, your Royal Majesty. This is why your loyal subjects trust your leadership, you never compromise.

The Treasure Hunter

You look for treasures that are durable and last. You are a practical person and you would choose durability over design any time. As long as it fits you needs and it is highly utilised you are a sure game. You will take careful consideration before buying anything and once you do you will make sure you use it to the best of your ability.

The best leather boxes to store your treasures from your expeditions:

Indiana Heart Collection-Legacy Red is your to go luxury leather watch treasure box for your specially & carefully picked out luxury watches (given your careful and wise personality), retailing at SGD $148 here


Italian Fabriano Watch Display (Black) classic & durable, with textured leather and dual thickness to last all ruggedness of treasure hunting (and storing) adventure retailing at SGD $168 here. With it's classic design, it's one item that is worth investing!

Triple Tiered Mirrored Jewellery Trunk (Chocolate Brown) is your to go portable treasure organization on the go be it when you are travelling or even if you wouldn't want your leather to get dirty easy. The triple tiered mirrored jewellery trunk is retailing at SGD $198 here

Pragmatism Organizer-Black is retailing at SGD $98 here, like the Italian Fabriano Watch Display, is classic & durable, functionally versatile for various uses be it for study desks/ beauty dressing tables or simply to do some sorting out.

The Versatile Cassanova

Sleek. Multi-functional. You are a conversational champion and a social King/Queen. Easily adaptable, like how you are with the opposite gender. You seek straightfoward designs and you love it when your luxury watches are sorted in a compartment specifically created for it. Every leather item you carry speaks of your smooth linguistic ability along with your hairstyle and grooming skills.

You would love darker colours that exudes romance & mystery, such as:


Classical Collection- Open Top Organizer retailing at SGD $128 here. With a wide range of compartments made for different uses, you can store your accessories/cufflinks, make-up items. It even comes with a bottom cupboard compartment to store items you find unsightly displaying on the top tray.

Pragmatism Organizer-Navy Blue, another sleek and smart organizing option to the Classical Collection is perfect for your table top/dressing table/study desk at SGD $98 here


Leather Stackers for Accessories-Alpine Green a convenient way to organize all your different levels and style of accessories & watches for all the different occasions at SGD $398 here . I mean hey, being a social King/ Queen you would surely need a whole range of accessories and a good place to store them.

Deep Clarity Cufflink Holder- Dark Wine...Oh yes dark wine-just how you like it. Well actually you prefer a number of other beverages each adapted to the occasion, a flexible and social chameleon. But hey, dark wine leather is a versatile, rare and classic colour to store your luxury cufflinks and accesories/earring/rings. They are now retailing at SGD $148 here.

The Cool Dude

Black and cool is your thing. Nothing fazes you. The Bada** of the gang. With a i-don’t-give-a-damn attitude. People in your social group show you much respect. Anything goes as long as the other part doesn’t go too far. You are more worried about the image you carry than what others say about you. Your conversations are short and you like to keep it one style, all day, everyday-cool. Your style never changes. You are known for your quotable phrases that people will imitate.

Which is why genuine leather in black or neutral darks are perfect to carry your style and to up keep your cool-headed and relatively easy going reputation.


John Mark Classic Cufflink Holder-Black retailing at SGD $88 here, perfect to store your small accessories or coins even as you are headed out without compromising on the coolness factor. The added texture of the black leather gives an additional grunge and rugged feel that you carry off.

Vintage Jewellry Chest-Noir  is retailing at SGD $298 here. Perfect for the cool dudettes and to store your favourite ammunitions of dark lipsticks. Though you are a cool lady, you would still enjoy a touch of famine design like to this vintage jewellery chest in Noir. 

Hiddleson Clear Glass Watch Display- Fire Red is retailing at SGD $168 here , this red is for the hot headed cool dude. I mean hey, cool dudes lose their cool once in a while right? People tend to take you seriously when you actually do get angry because you rarely get angry.

Vincent Clear Glass Watch Display- Sleek Monochrome at SGD $198 here. Another black classic, Black is always staple and a cool dude's/ dudette's closet. Most will be surprised but cool headed people actually do tend to have certain classic staples in their wardrobe.

Magnolia Inspired Jewellry Box- ONYX here at SGD $188, perfect for the duddette's closet to organise all her favourite accessories.

Or you could also check out our Geometrical 4-Watch Carbon Fibre Jewellery Box at SGD $308 from our Carbon Fibre Range here if you are a cool geek-dude. With the latest technology of carbon fibre from the aero space industry, this smooth range will be sure to capture your heart.

The Stylish Fashionista


Fashion is for everyday! Image is so important to you. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing unmatching casuals outside of the house. Most of the time, you love to stand out and often wear bold and loud colours. You are a guru matching the most random of items and leather- you can never ever seem to have an end of combinations. You pair classics with a modern twist very well. Because of your extensive wardrobe and accessories, you have a constant need to organise your items-if not they will get lost in the entire collection.

This is why our leather jewellery colours are perfect for you! Have you seen our...

Starling Broadway Collection-Legacy Red at SGD $148 here for the aspiring influencer/ rising star in you. Not to mention the Starling Broadway Collection is portable and lightweight to bring around, highly versatile with specially built compartments to store your different accessories, watches/earrings/ rings and cufflinks! Also Comes in Light Tiffany Blue if you are a fan of the jewelry's brand! (Photos Below).

Check out our Starling Broadway Collection in Light Tiffany Blue at SGD $148 here .

Beauty Box: Quadrupled-tiered Jewellry Organizer (Nior) at SGD $288 here, though also can be found in a cool dudette's closet, as a fashionista you are often open to various styles to experiment with. That is why the Quardrupled-Tierd Beauty Box is perfect to organise your make up and accessories in style! Fashionistas need an extensive range of jewel from different styles to always able to combine and experiment with different outfits.

Magnolia Inspired Jewellry Box-RUBY at SGD $188 here , another hot item to have in your wardrobe! Mix and match classic with a modern twist and you have quilted red leather! The Magnolia Inspired Jewellery Box in Ruby is your to-go wardrobe organiser.

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