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Mitch & Marc's Lacquer Black Stallion Range

Posted on2 Year ago
Mitch & Marc's Lacquer Black Stallion Range

What comes to mind when you think about Black Stallion? Strong, study, highly enduring, powerful, swift. That is what the designers at Mitch & Marc had in mind when we designed the Black Stallion Lacquer Range. Our mastercraftsman took time to come up with a smooth and sleek surface Lacquer Formula. Coupled with ebony wood, the Black Stallion Lacquer Range is a force to be trifled with. Inspired by the black stallions of wild west.

In sleek lacquered monochrome, an elegant and subtly outstanding piece to store and display your luxury accessories and timepieces. Created with an covered top in mind, it helps to keep the accessories out of sight from unwanted visitors or stranger visiting your home compounds. Coupled with a lock and key, it is your perfect jewellery organiser storing your accessories with ease. Practical & Stylish.

Our designers took time to come up with the black stallion range, designed for the cosmopolitans home. Made from premium Ebony Wood, this solid piece is show stealer in any display at home.

The Black Lacquer was specially formulated and painted to be a versatile and easy matching piece, highly water resistant and solid durability, the black stallion is a definite eye-cater with its modern and sleek feel. We feature some of our favourites from the range below.


Our Black Stallion Three-Fold Watch Storage, is one of our favourite pieces.

A Timeless & Classy option to store your luxury watches. Inspired in sleek lacquered monochrome, this black beauty

comes with a lock and key to keep your luxury watches in style. Retailing at $238 SGD here.

Our Black Stallion Cufflink is a piece that is so perfect for storing men's cufflink and accessories. The sleek lacquered monochrome oozes of classly style goodness all over. Any of your guy friends will find it a versatile and practical item to have in their dressing table. But hey, who is so say that ladies can't use it too either huh? Ladies would like the padded area to store their earrings and jewellery accessories. You can find the Black Stallion Three-Fold Watch Storage Here.

Our Black Stallion Beauty & Accessories storage is a versatile piece to store a wide range of accessories/ cufflinks/ luxury watches and miscellaneous. Check it out here today.

You can also check our other Lacquer & Jewellery Boxes Ranges here. Stayed tuned for our new seasonal collection that comes in an exquisite Tiffany Blue!

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