About us

Established in the 1980s. Mitch & Marc is our internationally established brand of leather goods, jewellery and accessories.
Timeless class, refined elegance & quality is our style.
We source for materials of the highest quality from around the world to create the pure elegance and timeless class of Mitch & Marc products. Together with our designers, our master craftsmen work on creating refined elegance to last the ages, right down to the intricate handstitches and leather crafting.
Our watch winders & watch winder safes are the perfect companion for your automatic watches. They are customizable and design is also interchangeable according to your requirements.
Our exquisite bespoke automatic watches paired with our handcrafted leather watch straps are a sight to behold even for an avid watch-lover.
Our Luxury Jewellery & Accessories boxes are great organizers and are highly versatile and can even often double up as a fashion accessory. 
A class and elegance for every unique personality through our seasonal ranges and campaigns.
Mitch & Marc first begun with Leather Jewellery boxes and Timepiece boxes, over time, the Mitch & Marc collection has grown to travel accessories, timepieces Watch Winders, Jewellery and small leather goods to cater to our consumer’s lifestyle needs. Our products from Mitch & Marc Australia suit every kind of occasion and of every place.
Each collection has been artfully designed to be versatile in practicality while still maintaining its class.
We often release them in a variety of colours suited for every mood.
The items can even be matched with pre-existing collections. Design & versatility embodied in one. Embodying the culture of Mitch & Marc, all boutiques, shops and counters representing the Mitch & Marc brand embody a style of bespoke class and refined elegance.
With Mitch & Marc Australia’s sleek range of travel accessories, the brand is recognized in duty free and travel retail internationally.
Often highly sought after and listed on leading airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Mitch & Marc has long maintained visibility among jetsetters globally.
The Mitch & Marc team intends to continue building their brand presence across the globe.
For the discerning collector, Mitch & Marc Australia is specialised in our collection of quiet winders that imitate natural movements with three alternating direction modes for Charging up automatic watches. In a timeless high gloss polished lacquer chassis made of timber, its interior reveals a classical impression of suede ready to hold your bespoke watches in class it deserves.
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