Mitch & Marc | Watch Safe Security & Winder ( High Durability & Fire Rating )

No need to worry about your luxury watches no more. Indulge yourself with our exquisite Watch Winder Safe made with Lacquer finishing with black velvet. This model, Watch Winder SAFE- W15 EB consists if 15 Winder Units, 1 Watch Drawer, 1 Ring Drawer, 1 Square Drawer, 1 Necklace Drawer, 2 Empty Drawers, 2 Big Empty Drawers.

Watch Winder Safe ( 12 Winding Units )

Model no. : Watch Winder SAFE- W15 EB

Material: Lacquer finishing with black velvet

Size: 76 x 56 x 160cm

Weight: 350,000g

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