Vintage Leather Organizer ( Noir )

Nothing says timeless style like classic organization. Our nondescript vintage leather collection is an exquisite collection of basic organizers that like building blocks, are versatile and timeless in class & design.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship (ID: DS ACC 2307 Black)

Italian Cow Leather Hide Black Textured Exterior

Warm Grey Suede Interior

Stainless Steel Sleek Buckle

Silver Magnetic Button

Versatile Compartments

Interesting Features

Versatile Storage Compartmentalization for various objects

Suitable for open dressing tables, travel & easy organization & storage for watches/ accessories.


Box ( 22.3 CM Length X 17.3 CM Breath X 5.0 CM Height )

Storage Depth ( 4.0 CM )

Product Details
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