Triple Tiered Mirrored Jewellery Trunk Box ( Navy Blue )

Our Triple Tiered Italian Jewellery Trunk Box with Mirror is a fantastic investment for those who are looking for more space-saving jewellry trunk. Perfect for any dressing table top & made to store a variety and assortment of accessories and jewellry.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship ( ID: DS  JW 7328 N)

Italian Cow Leather Hide Navy Blue Exterior

Greyish Blue Suede Interior

Vintage Finished Brass Buckle & Button

Rust Free

3 Layered Tiered Compartment

Highly Durable Heavy Duty Beauty Mirror


Interesting Features

Pre-installed Interior Beauty Mirror. Three Tiers.

First Tier:

Padded Compartments for Cufflinks/ Rings or Earrings

Functionally Versatile  Compartments for your items or accessories.

Second Tier:

Functionally Versatile Open Tray for Usage

Third Tier:

3 Round Padded Ring Support

Extra Versatile Functional Space

Suitable for organization and storage of  watches or accessories on your dressing table/ in the cabinet.


Box ( 30.0 CM Length X 13.0 CM Breath X 15.0 CM Height )

First Tier

Tray ( 28.0 CM Length X 11.0 CM Breath X 2.7 CM Depth )

Second Tier

Tray ( 28.0 CM Length X 11.0 CM Breath X 2.7 CM Depth )

Third Tier

Tray ( 28..0 CM Length X 11.0 CM Breath X 2.7 CM Depth )

Round Padde  Ring Support (5 CM Diameter)

Item Weight  - 2.4 KG

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