Peruvian Classic Organizer ( Black )

A good fit for any dressing table top or even empty shelves & compartments, the Peruvian Classic Leather is a practical and classic organizer made to store a variety and assortment of items/ accessories/jewellry.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship ( ID: DSACC7228 Black)

Italian Cow Leather Hide Textured Black Exterior
Warm Grey Suede Greyish Blue Suede Interior

Interesting Features

Covered “Secret” Compartment

Padded Watch Compartments

Elongated Compartment

Functionally Versatile Compartments

Suitable for open dressing tables, study desks, easy organization & storage for jewellery/stationary  and accessories or stationery.



Box ( 18.0 CM Length X 24.0 CM Breath X 4.0 CM Depth )

Item Weight  - 0.8 KG

Product Details
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