Beauty Box: Quadrupled-tiered Jewellry Organizer ( Crimson )

Quadrupled tiered with multiple  versatile functions, this English Classic Leather Jewellry Organizer is perfect even for make-up junkies. Store your accessories and beauty products in english class.

Pick from Crimson or Nior.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

(ID: DS QR 2119 Red)

Italian Cow Leather Hidden Crimson Red Quilted Exterior

Beige Suede Interior

Stainless Steel Gold Finished  Lock & Buckles.

3 Tiered Cabinated Chest

Interesting Features

Open Top Tray

Hem Gathered Side Pocket

Padded Cufflink/ Ring Compartments

Earring/ Ear Stud Display Leather Strips

Heavy Duty Mirror

Functionally Versatile Compartments

Heavy Weight


First Tier:

Left & Right Cabinet

Dually Split

Functionally Versatile Compartments

Second Tier:

Functionally Versatile Compartment

Third Tier:

2 Cabinates &

3 Watch Compartments ( Each )

Removable Accessories Holder

Containing Padded Ring/ Cufflink Compartment

Heavy Duty Mirror

Earring or Ear Stud Display Leather Strip

Suitable for organization and storage of jewellry, watches or accessories as furniture in the cabinet/ walk in closet/ display.


Box ( 26.0 CM Length X 18.5 CM Breath X 21.3 CM Height )

Item Weight  - 2.6 KG

Product Details
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