Vincent Clear Glass Watch Display ( Vermillion )

A piece of creation artfully designed to be able to display your watches, in flamboyant luxury style it deserves. 10-watch padded compartments. Comes in Vermillion and Sleek Monochrome.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

(ID: DS QR 4410 Red)

Swiss Leather Vermillion Red Quilted Exterior

Beige Suede Interior

Stainless Steel Gold Finished  Lock

Tasseled Key

Interesting Features

Clear Glass Top

10 Padded Watch Compartments

Suitable for organization and storage of jewellry, watches or accessories as furniture in the cabinet/ walk in closet/ display.



Box ( 26.3 CM Length X 20.3 CM Breath X 6.8 CM Height )

Item Weight  - 1.4 KG

Product Details
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