Quilted Beauty & Jewellery Organiser (Classic Black) [IHS]

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Our [Intelligent Hinge System] or [IHS] is designed from a range of smart hinges that allows all compartments to open upon the opening of the top mirrored lid. Easefully organise and store your loved accessories and beauty items into the different compartments.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship ( ID: DS QB 0651 Red)

Italian Cow Leather Hide Vermillion Exterior

Beige Suede Interior

Stainless Steel Gold Finished Lock

Tasseled Key

Rust Free

Highly Durable Heavy Duty Beauty Mirror

Stainless Steel Hinges

Interesting Features

Intelligent Hinge System (IHS):

Box Opens with a Single Pull

3 Layered Tiered Compartment

Pre-installed Interior Beauty Mirror

Out of stock

Top Tier:

Covered  “Secret” Compartment

Padded Compartments for Cufflinks/ Rings or Earrings

Leather Display Strips for Earrings/ Ear Studs

Functionally Versatile  Compartment for items/ Accessories

Second Tier:

Functionally Versatile Divided Compartments

Third Tier:

Functionally Versatile Dual Divided Automatic Pulled-Out Tray


Box ( 32.0 CM Length X 19.0 CM Breath X 17.0 CM Height)

Item Weight  - 1.2 KG

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