Tiffany Lacquered-6-Watch- Storage

The Tiffany Lacquered -6-Watch Storage Box, a more vibrant option to store your luxury watches. Inspired in Venice and  lacquered in Tiffany Blue, this Beauty

comes with a lock and key to store and display your beloved cuff-links, rings, earrings and accessories.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship (ID: FW- 6136 TB )

Tiffany Blue Lacquered Premium Grade Ebony Wood Exterior

Black Suede Interior

Stainless Steel Lock and Key  Rust Free

Padded Watch Compartments

Heavy Duty Beauty Mirror

Interesting Features

Installed Heavy Duty Beauty Mirror

Suitable for opening dressing tables, safe organization & storage for luxury watches/accessories.



Box ( 20.5 CM Length X 19.7 CM Breath X 9.4 CM Depth )

Item Weight  - 2.0 KG

Item Weight with Box - 2.9 KG

Product Details
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