Deep Clarity Cufflink Holder ( Alpine Green )

Our Deep Clarity Range Collection was designed to display your rings and cufflinks in its full intricacy with a clear glass top. Embed your accessories into a sea of cushioned luxury suede in clarity and style!

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship (ID: DSJW087 Green )

Italian Cow Leather Hide Alpine Green Exterior

Warm Grey Suede Interior

Stainless Silver Lock and Tasseled Key, Rust Free

Padded Ring/Cufflink Storage Compartments

Interesting Features

Clear Glass Top Padded evenly divided Storage

Compartments designed for Cufflinks, Rings & Accessories.

Suitable for open dressing tables, easy organization & storage for cufflinks/ rings/ accessories



Box ( 17.8 CM Length X 12.8 CM Breath X 6.4 CM Depth )

Single Padded Compartment ( 3.9 CM X 2.5 CM )

Item Weight  - 0.6 KG

Product Details
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